Hanging Your PictureGlass

How To Install Your PictureGlass Art!

Step 1:

Carefully remove the permanent side of wall hanger foam tape from backing. DO NOT remove the Remo One side until later.  

Step 2:

Carefully place the wall hanger foam tape in the areas marked on the backer board. Press down for 5 seconds to create a permanent bond to the backer board.

Step 3:

Choose the place on the wall you would like to place your PictureGlass.

It should be a wall with a flat surface. Make sure that the wall is clean and dry!

Step 4:

Peel off the Remo One label to expose the adhesive foam.

Step 5:

Carefully place your PictureGlass on the wall where you want to display.

Firmly press and hold for 5 seconds to securely attach to the wall. 


Changing Location (Optional):

The adhesive foam allows you to stick and re-stick if you want to change the location.

Carefully pull up from the bottom of your PictureGlass until it comes off the wall.

Re-stick to the desired location and firmly press and hold for 5 seconds once more.

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