The 5 Steps To Print Picture Glass Like A Pro: How To Choose The Right Picture, Size, & Glass

If this is your first time printing picture glass or returning, you are on the path to discovering how to transform your memories into a cherished display. Picture Glass gives you a way to turn photos into timeless pieces of art that help bring your home to life while keeping the memories alive.


When preparing to get a photo glass printed, here are our 5 glass photo printing tips to help you make picture glass printing easy. If you are still choosing between a picture glass print versus a traditional frame, read our blog “Glass Prints vs. Traditional Frames: The Pros and Cons”.

1. The Photo & Quality

The heart of any glass photo print is the image itself. Choose a photo that holds sentimental value, that resonates with the theme of your space. One that highlights a key moment, person, animal, or memory that you cherish and don’t want to forget. Whether it's a breathtaking sunset over the Miami skyline or a candid beach moment in Palm Beach, the right image helps set the tone for the entire room.


Secondly, make sure the photo you choose is as high-quality resolution as you can get. Photos from social media platforms tend to get compressed. The lower resolution and quality photo will likely result in a less-quality photo print. We can help if you need to enhance a photo for printing.

2. Your Space

What space are you wanting to display the photo? If it is a gift, consider the person's style and home to know which print and photo glass would work best. In the bright and sunny atmosphere of South Florida, opting for vibrant and colorful images can complement the natural light and create a lively atmosphere. Clarity on where your glass photo print will be displayed is crucial as it helps knowing the color scheme, lighting, and overall aesthetic for the space your photo will be displayed, as this helps to make choose the right photo glass print.

3. The Size

Customization extends beyond the image itself. Once you know the space you plan to put the glass print, next is to determine the appropriate size. This is usually based on the available wall or shelf space. Being able to select a well-proportioned print is what helps enhance the visual appeal of your room, without overwhelming the surroundings. Our staff at Picture Glass are happy to assist you when choosing the exact size and print that would work best for your needs.

4. Consider Glass Type

Not all glass is created equal! Consider the environment and space you want to display your photo to help you consider the right picture glass. Our Non-reflective options are particularly beneficial in bright, sunlit environments, ensuring that your chosen image remains the focal point without interference from glare. Consider photo glass with a matte finish to help reduce glare and light reflections. For rooms that are a little darker or able to limit natural light, such as dining, living, or bedrooms, consider feather glass to help accentuate the colors and the vibrancy of your glass photo.

5. Glass Print Quality Matters!

Printing on glass is a skill and art form. While you might want to go cheap to get it done fast, you can get a print that is less than what you expected in quality or durability. By getting it done right with a picture glass printing professional, you are making an investment in a high-quality glass photo print that will ensure the longevity and timeless vibrancy of your photo. Quality craftsmanship from a trusted picture glass printing company also makes the process painless and easy by answering all your questions while delivering a quality product made and manufactured in the USA.

In Conclusion

By following these 5 tips you will be able to create a customized and visually stunning photo glass memory to display proudly in your home, or to give as a gift that will cherish forever.

When it comes to glass picture printing in South Florida, Picture Glass is your trusted glass photo printer to help you customize your space with something you will love, while making the process as painless and easy as possible.

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