Glass Prints vs. Traditional Frames: The Pros and Cons

Life is a series of moments. We capture these moments in pictures and film, turning a passing moment into a tangible memory. Our family here at Picture Glass located in Lantana Florida, is your local print photo store near you if you live in South Florida, to help transform your photos into glass prints.


When choosing how to showcase your special memories, it often boils down to the choice between a traditional frame or something that many people choose - glass prints. If you are weighing up the options or haven’t purchased a glass print before, then we would like to share the pros and cons of each to help you decide the best way to display your cherished prints.

Glass Prints: Turn Photos Into Art With Feather Glass or Matte Finish


1. Stylish Look: Glass prints give your photos a cool, modern, and novel vibe, making them stand out on your wall with a stylish touch. You can also decide based on your needs between getting feather glass or a matte finish.


2. Durable Prints: Glass prints are tough and won't easily fade. The protective layer of glass is durable while also making your images stay bright and beautiful for a long time.


3. Easy to Clean: Maintaining glass prints is easy. A quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps them looking fresh with photos staying sharp and vibrant.



1. Reflective Surface: The reflective nature of our competitors glass of choice can sometimes cause glare and reflections, affecting how well you can see your prints, especially in well-lit rooms. This is why we use our signature Feather Glass with Reflection Control and a large reason for why we developed the matte finish option.


2. Handle with Care: While the glass is durable and strong, like most things, it can break. Take extra care during transport and installation to avoid accidents and also be mindful when children or animals are visiting that might be a knock-and-drop risk.

Traditional Frames: Simple, Cheap, & Gets The Job Done


1. Endless Options: Traditional frames come in various styles, sizes, and materials, whether it is wood or plastic. You can get a unique style, classic, or contemporary, you can find a frame that suits your prints and go cheap, or get it professionally framed (this can get pricey).


2. Personalized Touch: With traditional frames, you have the freedom to customize the matting, frame style, and even add personal touches. This allows you to choose a photo frame that compliments your unique taste.



1. Fading Prints: Over time, prints in traditional frames may fade, especially if exposed to sunlight. This is something to consider, particularly in well-lit areas as some photos cannot be replaced and would be better preserved in a glass print.


2. Basic & Boring: Many just get frames to put the photos in and get a generic, cheap, boring frame from a discount store. It gets the job done, yet missing the point - framing it so that you look at your photo regularly and love it.


3. Maintenance: Traditional frames usually need a bit more care. Regular dusting and occasional cleaning are necessary to keep them looking their best and some wood can corrode or fade over time, needing to be replaced.

Picture Glass is a simple way to make a cherished memory last. Most people purchase traditional frames until they discover how glass prints and once they have one on their wall, the contract between the two types becomes very clear.


But In the end, whether you go for glass prints or traditional frames, it always depends on how important the memory is and where you plan to display your photo prints. Both options have their perks, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Picture Glass.

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