Your Cell Phone Can Take Great Pictures — Here Are Tips to Make Your Pictures Stand Out

The vast majority of people have a cell phone in their pocket that grants them access to a wealth of information with a single click. In the right hands, cell phones can take pictures that rival that of industry-grade cameras; however, cell phone photography often doesn’t match this level of quality for one simple reason — people don’t know how to make them better. 

Cell phone photography has quickly revolutionized how people take and share pictures, but without the right tips and tricks at their disposal, the potential for better photos will remain just out of reach. However, all is not lost for aspiring cell phone photographers. With these helpful photography tips, you can begin to take your skills to the next level and capture better pictures in no time. 

Take Care of Your Lens

The first step towards taking crisp and crystal clear pictures with any type of smartphone camera is to take good care of your lens. Professional photographers will go to painstaking lengths to keep their lenses as clean as possible, and you should take the same protective steps with your phone to improve your image quality. 


We often keep our phones in our pockets, pocketbooks, or bags for safekeeping until we need them. However, leaving your phone in these places can lead to smudges, lint accumulation, and other factors that negatively affect your lens’ clarity. Before you start taking pictures, taking the time to clean your lenses can help make for clearer pictures and elevate your photography. 

Enhance Sharpness With Focus

Have you noticed that the subjects of your photos seem slightly out of focus or not as sharp as you expected? Every phone camera possesses an autofocus feature that takes what is in the shot and applies the focus where it believes it needs. However, the algorithm doesn’t always get the subject right. 


Instead of relying on your phone’s autofocus feature, ensure your subject remains sharp by applying the focus point manually. Taking control of your photos to provide what you want the subject to stay in focus will help ensure you get the best picture possible. 

Manage Brightness Levels

Exposure levels can often make or break your photos. Make them too bright and the pictures become too washed out to clearly see the details; make them too dark and the underexposure makes the image too hard to see the subject in the first place. Finding the sweet exposure spot and getting that perfect exposure every time is something that every cell phone photographer needs for the best results. 


Depending on the phone you use, setting the exposure is as easy as a couple of taps of the screen or a slightly more involved process within your camera settings. However, both methods help ensure you get the brightness level of each picture at the perfect level to make your photos truly stand out. 

Leverage Your Phone’s Camera Technology

With every new phone iteration, upgrades to the camera app, memory, and processing power have led to drastic changes and improvements to the results smartphone photography achieves. With features such as high dynamic range (HDR) and portrait mode, you can create effects once reserved for high-end professional cameras with ease. 

Use Photo Editing Apps

Now that you have taken the best picture possible with your phone, you may still think that there is still something missing from the final shot. Thanks to the robust mobile app ecosystem, you can find a wide range of photo editing apps to further enhance and elevate your pictures. These apps provide you with a full suite of options that can change and enhance your picture in a number of ways. 

Give Your Cell Phone Photos the Canvas They Deserve

With your improved cell phone photography skills, you want to give your final product the attention and place of honor it deserves. Instead of simply uploading it to social media, come to PictureGLASS to share your memories. We’ll take your cell phone pictures, apply them directly to our glass, and deliver them in crisp and clear quality to your doorstep. Preserve your favorite memories for years to come with our help!

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